Coronavirus impacts begin to affect projects; 32 states add jobs through January

Contractors and others are beginning to report diverse impacts on building projects and products from the coronavirus outbreak. Today Boston’s mayor, Martin Walsh, ordered construction sites in the city to shut down but also was reportedly preparing to order more construction of medical facilities. A consultant to construction lenders sent a summary on March 9 of reports from draw inspections (site visits for the lender to verify that work to support requested construction funds has been completed): “we’re hearing delays from [general contractors]. Delayed delivery of drywall, glass, steel, HVAC and electrical equipment from China and curtainwall from Italy.

Coronavirus impacts loom but have yet to affect construction inputs or projects

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread globally each day but the impact on U.S. construction remains speculative. So far, there do not appear to be any reports of cancelled, deferred or interrupted construction projects, nor of delays or shortages of construction equipment, parts or materials. However, the disruption to Chinese production and shipping is increasing, adding to the likelihood that some construction products and projects will be affected.

"Teens Need to Know They Can Make Money in Trade Careers"

We beat the pavement every day trying to get the word out to parents, educators, career counselors, and students:  the trades are a great place to have a career.  

We came across this article on from one parent to another, "Teens Need to Know They Can Make Money in Trade Careers" and thought we'd share.  We aren't the only ones spreading the word.  Click the article title to read what blogger Katie Bingham-Smith has to say about her son entering the trades.