The information provided by the Idaho AGC through the entire COVID-19 shutdown was invaluable to our company and the industry. The information was timely and helped us update our workforce each day. We feel we made good decisions throughout the shutdown and were better able to keep our team safe, healthy, and working. We also appreciate the Idaho AGC fighting for the construction industry and our right to work.

Adam Lyman
Syman Company

The Idaho AGC did a great job getting us all the information we needed to navigate these difficult times.

Andrew DiPietro
Starr Corporation

I just want to say that we really appreciate the Idaho AGC being out on the front lines on this and providing all this information. It’s a huge help in navigating these crazy times.

Bill Radobenko
ACI Northwest, Inc.

The Idaho AGC continues to be one of our most important strategic partners.

Brian Ness
Idaho Transportation Department

Just a quick shout out to the Idaho AGC team for your efforts and COVID-19 information provided during this unprecedented time. The communications and legislative support to keep our clients safe and working is very much appreciated!

Clint Paskewitz
Associated Insurance Services

Thank you for keeping us up to speed with changes in the contractor world. The information shared by the Idaho AGC has been extremely beneficial.

Conrad Ball
Washington Trust Bank

The Idaho AGC has been a major help during these uncertain times.

David Lamarque
Lea Electric

Idaho AGC’s work to stop the state regulation of gravel pits was very important to us and our customers. The additional cost associated with the proposed ISDA rules would have had a negative impact on our company’s operation costs.

Delwyn Mickelsen
Mickelsen Construction

I really appreciate all of the communication sent by the Idaho AGC.  It is extremely helpful. AGC continues to stand out in its help for all members. 

Doug Ball
The Buckner Company

I’ve been using the updates from the Idaho AGC in my weekly meetings with my team and it has helped us navigate workloads. Thank you very much!

Jacob Booher
Lightwerks Communication Systems, Inc.