The Idaho AGC is the largest, most respected, and highly trusted voice for the construction industry in Idaho. By working together with other contractors, your membership helps strengthen not only your political influence, but our ability to ensure that sound public policy is enacted – policy that will continue to make Idaho a great place to do business and raise a family.

Construction Industry Lobbyists and PAC

Through multiple fronts, the Idaho AGC works hard to ensure that the construction industry’s voice is heard by policy makers at all levels of government – federal, state, and local. With multiple full-time lobbyists, the Idaho AGC is a powerful force in the halls of the state capitol. In addition, our Political Action Committee (PAC) opens doors for association members to access decision makers on a regular and friendly basis. Meanwhile, the AGC of America is working to make sure that our issues are addressed at the national level in Washington, DC.

With more than 15 years of government experience, the Idaho AGC’s Executive Director is a key part of opening government doors for association members. In addition to lobbying lawmakers, our Executive Director is able to put Idaho AGC members into contact with unelected government regulators, appointed council mem-bers, agency officials, and other key players.

Advocacy for Idaho Contractors

Just as important, is our work to ensure that the needs of Idaho’s contractors are addressed by local decision makers including mayors and city councils, highway districts, and all levels of county government from county commissioners to planning and zone councils to road departments.

An important part of the Idaho AGC’s political work includes building coalitions with other groups to help advance our political agenda. Our highly successful efforts on this front have brought about significant reforms at the state and local level, as well as increased funding for public infrastructure and improved tax policy.

As a leader in Idaho’s construction industry, your involvement in the political activities of the Idaho AGC is important to your company’s future and bottom line.

Contact the Idaho AGC for more information on advocacy.