Okland Creates Publicly Accessible Website Tracking COVID-19 Best Practices, Notices, and Updates

Okland Construction

We all share similar resources in Idaho in terms of Trade Partners and Vendors with reliance on City Services and other Government Agencies to serve our clients.  We also share a love of this great Industry and the people who make it happen in the field as Builders of America and Okland Construction is sharing this website with you if you feel it to be of use as reference/comparison in order to establish best practices with the Trade Partners, Vendors, and Owners as we move through this pandemic together.


Okland has made this website and its content publicly accessible.  All Trade Partners, Owners, and Vendors (including 3rd Party Testing Firms) have been made aware of these best practices/notices and they are updating the site on a regular basis to follow the lead of the CDC as preventive recommendations change. 

Stay safe out there, and remember:  we're all in this together.