Idaho AGC to Produce Industry Magazine!

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Dear Idaho AGC member, 

The Idaho AGC is gearing up to publish its inaugural issue of the Idaho Associated General Contractors publication (yet to be named!). This bi-annual magazine will be an interesting read and reference for any member, individual in the industry, or resident of Idaho.

The anticipated articles will include a complete overview of construction in Idaho as well as key topics of interest and magnitude to our industry, including initiatives, programs, product and technology updates, and goings-on at the Idaho AGC.

The magazine will prove beneficial in promoting and publicizing our valuable contribution to the construction community and our state.

Over the next few months, representatives from DEL Communications, Inc. will be contacting all members with the opportunity to participate in the publication via advertising.  We ask that you consider using some of your marketing budgets to support this publication, which will be shared and promoted throughout our industry and the state.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hailey Reyes, Engagement Director