Idaho AGC Online Plan Room Gets Updated!

Did you know we’ve been making improvements to the Idaho AGC Online Plan Room site to help ensure that it remains a valuable tool for you and your team?  We have!

After years of requests from AGC members to improve the search capabilities of the site, we switched platforms in mid-2018. Our goal was to provide you, our valued member, with a reliable site that includes the ability to keyword search entire documents. Now you can search for any term on any page of any project. For example, the new search function allows you to automatically filter new job postings so that you see only those that interest you. Do you only work in Idaho? The new platform allows you to exclude everything else. Do you only supply a specific item? The new platform allows you to prioritize those jobs that call for that item. We hope that our members find this change helpful and effective in how they pursue future projects.

The new platform also includes a much improved and user friendly calendar view that allows projects to be sorted by bid date, letting you focus on the most immediate projects.

We also hope that you are enjoying the daily email with new postings – another feature of the new platform unavailable on the old system. This too can be fully personalized to only focus on what is important to you.

Let us know if you need a refresher course on any of the features of the new platform: we’re happy to help one-on-one either in person or over the phone.

Of course, any plan room is only as good as the content in it. I want you to know that we are dedicated to ensuring that the AGC Online Plan Room is the most accurate and up-to-date source available. Already, the AGC site routinely has more than TWICE as many sets of plans as our competition – those expensive national companies who can’t tell the difference between Idaho and Iowa. In addition to plans and specs, our team is redoubling our effort to capture more complete lists of plan holders and bid results.

We are dedicated to ensuring the Plan Room exceeds your expectations.  To that end, please reach out if there is ever anything any of us can do to improve your experience or to arrange for help with any of the site’s features.  We’re here to help!