Top Recruitment Tip: What’s your onboarding strategy?

The fight for top talent is tough, no doubt about it. As a company, you must do everything you can to engage and retain your new hires from the moment you extend an offer. An employee’s first impression of your company is critical to set the stage for high employee engagement!

When you have a solid onboarding program in place, employee engagement can begin before day one. By simplifying and automating time-intensive and manual HR processes, you’ll streamline new-hire form completion activities, lessen chances for data input error, ensure compliance and get your new employee off to a great start!

Ask yourself these questions: What are you doing today? Is your onboarding process exhausting for HR and the new hire? Is your process automated, organized and quick?

Use these helpful tips to create a great onboarding experience:

  •          Introduce your employee before they start
  •          Create an agenda
  •          Share helpful information ahead of the first day
  •          Assign a work buddy
  •          Lay out expectations to ensure there are no surprises
  •          Provide training opportunities and feedback

Let us help you finish out 2016 strong! If you have questions about maximizing the benefits of your BirdDogHR Software, would like to explore our Onboarding module, or need help with finding, engaging, developing or retaining your employees, contact the BirdDogHR customer care team at or call 888-482-7021.

Happy Hunting!


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