Top Recruitment Tip: New Year- New Goals!

The beginning of a new year means new resolutions, new challenges and a chance for a fresh start! There are many reasons to implement new goals, as there is a strong correlation between a successful company and an effective goal setting process. Instead of writing down a few vague resolutions (that you may forget about in a few months) help your team set SMART goals that will bring structure and trackability to their goals and objectives.

Below are a few guidelines to help you set strong and effective goals.

Creating SMART goals:

  1.      Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve? (What, Where, How, When, etc)
  2.      Measurable: How do you know the goal has been achieved?
  3.      Achievable: Is your goal realistic and attainable but challenging? Can you be successful?
  4.      Relevant: Is this goal important to you and worthwhile?
  5.      Time Bound: Does your goal have a target date or deadline?

When expanding your Career Page account to the BirdDogHR’s Performance Management System we can help you define, discuss and measure your goals and accomplishments. Our Performance Management System encourages year-round habits and creates a career roadmap for employees.

Let us help you start 2017 the right way!  If you have questions about maximizing the benefits of your BirdDogHR Software or need help with finding, engaging, developing or retaining your employees, contact the BirdDogHR customer care team at or call 888-482-7021.

Happy Hunting!


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