Top Recruitment Tip: A Fishing Hole Tale

Have you been posting your open positions on Idaho's ONLY construction-specific job-board, at  As a FREE service offered to Idaho AGC members, we hope you are taking advantage.  Want some other tips and tricks for recruiting the talent your company needs?  Our partners at BirdDogHR weigh in: 

What does fishing have to do with recruiting and hiring? Would you fish at a dried up pond? Then why recruit in an area that doesn’t have the talent you need?

As an employer you may find that the same people are applying or that there isn’t enough qualified talent in your area. This is why it is important to consider recruiting from areas outside of your own backyard.

Relocation doesn’t always mean that you have to pay a large relocation package. The candidate may not have even considered that, and without picking up the phone – how do you know? There is also the fear of investing in someone that may leave after you have spent the time to train them. The question lies – can you afford not to?

Now might be the time to start developing a plan to bring talent into your area. Figure out how far out you are willing to look, build a plan, and start fishing! If you are willing to give a sign-on bonus – maybe payout only some of the bonus up front, and the rest after they have been employed with you for defined amount of time.

Being fearful of the unknown is not what helped you be successful in business – don’t let it be the thing that prevents you from changing your recruitment strategy.

If you have questions about how expand your reach and find new ponds to fish, contact the BirdDogHR customer care team at or call 888-482-7021.

Happy Hunting!


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