Top Recruitment Tip: Doing More with Less

When it comes to the construction, service and supply industry today, the mantra continues to be – “Do more with less”.  It makes sense.  The leaner and flatter our organizations can be, the more profitable and sustainable.  However, sometimes we sacrifice results and increase our risk in the HR function.  Let’s think about the Onboarding process for a moment.

How much time do we spend with our new hires, completing onboarding paperwork?  You may be thinking to yourself that, “this is time I don’t have, but need to do it anyway”.  Onboarding packets contain important federal and state documents like the I9, W4 and eVerify.  But they also contain documents that help to align expectations and indoctrinate employees to our culture, processes and procedures.

Your Career Page partner, BirdDogHR can help with that.  We’ve automated the new hire paperwork process to quickly get compliance paperwork completed in a timely fashion that doesn’t require an HR or Office person to supervise.  After paperwork is compiled, we store those documents for you in our cloud filing cabinet for easy retrieval, download or integration with your payroll provider.  Our software is low cost and highly effective.  It will help make your mission of “do more with less” a reality.

Let us show you how to make 2016 your best and most efficient year ever!  If you have questions about maximizing the benefits of your BirdDogHR Software or need help with finding, engaging, developing or retaining your employees, contact the BirdDogHR customer care team at or call 888-482-7021.

Happy Hunting!


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