Toolbox Talks " Unloading Trucks" - January 7, 2016


Unloading Trucks


1. Review any accidents or "near accidents" from the past week.

2. Describe the hazards of the work as they relate to your project. Explain or show the SAFE way of doing the job.


Loading and unloading materials, goods, and products from trucks is a daily activity in many businesses. It is also a regular and frequent source of workplace fatalities. Many injuries occur when workers are struck by equipment or materials, or caught between equipment and materials. Follow these safety tips to help prevent injuries:

* When unloading trucks, do not begin the "backing-in" process until a designated person is in place to assist and direct the driver.

* Use wheel chocks and other vehicle restraint devices to keep the truck from moving.

* Wear personal protective equipment, such as, safety glasses, hardhats, gloves, ear protection, etc.

* When moving or lifting boxes, pipe drums and other heavy items, place your hands carefully to avoid getting them pinched or caught.

* When using material handling equipment, be aware of pinch points, moving parts or conveyors and keep clear of them.

* Watch where you put your feet when unloading trucks and handling pallets.

* Make sure the work surface is stable and free of debris.

* Never walk between equipment and the loading truck when they are moving.

* Setup a controlled access zone.

* Since loads can shift during transport be aware when loosening ropes, chains and tiedowns.


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