Toolbox Talks "Cold Weather" - November 27, 2015

Cold Weather


1. Review any accidents or "near accidents" from the past week.

2. Describe the hazards of the work as they relate to your project. Explain or show the SAFE way of doing the job.


Exposure to cold can cause injury or serious illness such as frostbite or hypothermia. The likelihood of injury or illness depends on factors such as physical activity, clothing, wind, humidity, working conditions, and a person's age and state of health.

Follow these tips to stay safe in cold weather:

*  Learn the signs and symptoms of cold induced illnesses/injuries and what to do to in the event of an emergency

*  Select proper clothing for cold, wet, and windy conditions. Layer clothing to adjust to changing environmental temperatures. Wear a hat and gloves and underwear that will keep water away from the skin (polypropylene).

*  Take frequent short breaks in warm dry shelters to allow the body to warm up.

*  Avoid exhaustion or fatigue because energy is needed to keep muscles warm.

*  Use the buddy system (work in pairs).

*  Drink warm, sweet beverages (sugar water, sports-type drinks). Avoid drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate) or alcohol.

*  Eat warm, high-calorie foods like hot pasta dishes.

Reminder: 2015 Annual OSHA Partnership Meeting will be held on December 11, 2015.  For more information please contact Kristy Watson via email or phone (208) 344-2531.


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