Toolbox Talks "Alcohol and Drugs" - September 24, 2015

Alcohol and Drugs

Statistics show that alcohol and drug abuse are increasing on site. This leads to accidents.

Make sure it doesn't happen on this site.


1. In a high-risk industry like ours, alcohol and work are not compatible.

2. Alcohol is a depressant drug, which depresses parts of the brain function. When working on site you require all of your brain functions to save you from injury.

3. If you're found to be intoxicated with drink, you won't be allowed on site. You may end up losing your job.

4. Don't get drunk the night before and expect to work safely on site the next day. Alcohol takes time to work out of your system (1 pint of beer takes approximately 2 hours).

          Question: What effect can alcohol have on you?

5. 50% of all drivers killed are over the legal limit.

6. If you drink, don't drive.

7. Some workplace fatal accidents are alcohol-related.

8. Keep your head clear - leave your drinking sessions to social events, where

you can't cause injury to yourself or others.

9. Get a bad reputation for drinking and you may not get another job, as you'll

be seen as a liability.

          Question: What could be the result of being under the influence of alcohol

on site?


1. You are far more likely to have an accident on site when under the influence

of drugs.

2. You may feel you don't have a drug problem - it's got nothing to do with you.

But if you get hurt, it's a bit late to wonder what the other person was on.

3. If you know somebody is on drugs, tell your supervisor - help to stamp it out.

4. Signs to look for: watery eyes, pin-point or dilated pupils, running nose,

constant sniffing, tight lips, sores, ulcers, trembling, fatigue and irritability. If

you see it, report it.

          Question: What are the signs of somebody who is on drugs?

5. All drugs can affect your ability to work safely.

6. Some effects of drugs are slow reaction times, clumsiness, poor decision-making

and distorted vision.

7. Don't take E's - E's stands for Ex-employee.

8. If you get offered drugs, say no, you'd rather work safely!

9. Drugs and work don't mix. Don't let it become a problem.

          Question: If you took drugs what effect could it have on you and your


Note to supervisor/manager: Now inform all your workforce of the company

policy regarding alcohol and drug abuse.

General Questions:

-         How long does a point take to get out of your system?

-         What would you do if you saw a person taking drugs?



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