Job Attachment Rule Moves Forward Under Pressure From AGC Members & Friends

An Update From Our CEO: 

I wanted to take just a minute and update you on progress being made on the Idaho AGC’s 2016 Legislative Agenda – specifically on the unemployment rule that direct impacts most AGC members.

Yesterday both the House and Senate Commerce Committees approved the Department of Labor’s change in rules that allows for a seasonally unemployed worker to be “job attached” for 16 weeks plus one additional week for each week he/she is called into work during that period. This change will allow construction workers to avoid the mandatory job search requirements when placed on unemployment each winter. The Committees’ actions clear the way for the rule to be implemented this spring (when the Legislature adjourns). So while it doesn’t apply to this winter, the changes will be in effect in plenty of time for next year’s winter season.

Securing committee approval of the proposed rule was one of the AGC’s highest legislative priorities for the year. It’s nice to be able to check this off on day number 7 of the legislative session. This is a tremendous victory for not only the AGC but all Idaho employers who invest in their employees but have periods of seasonal layoffs. It is also a victory for the employees who will no longer be put into such difficult positions each year.

This action would not have been possible without the help of many AGC members and friends. Just a few to mention:

  • Keith Lewis – when this issue was dead, Keith resurrected it and gave it new life.
  • Dean Cameron – without Director Cameron’s help (when he was still a state senator), the Department would not have taken the AGC’s position seriously.
  • Mark Warbis – without Mark’s continued pressure from the Governor’s office, the Department would have swept the issue under the rug yet again.
  • Our team at Sullivan-Reberger – Pat, Colby, and Phil each contributed a great deal of time and effort to secure this victory.
  • Seneca Hull – Seneca took the time to accompany me to the committee meetings yesterday and provided important, first-hand testimony on why this issue needed to be addressed.
  • Todd Lakey – when the Senate Committee was wondering off into unfriendly waters, Senator Lakey steered it back into safe harbor.
  • All those that submitted written (45) or in person (13) comments during the rule making process – this strong support overwhelmed the Department and pushed the issue forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wayne Hammon

Chief Executive Officer

Idaho Associated General Contractors


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