Highlights From Our Last Safety Committee Meeting

The recent re-launch of the Idaho AGC Safety Committee is off to a fantastic start.  The most recent meeting (October 21st) was packed with so much great information, we had to share. 

  • Bill Bankhead with OSHA  provided an updated 2015 report on reccurring incident reports/complaints, excavation hazards in Idaho,  the Idaho Fatality Report, and shared some important dates and resources.
    • To see Bill's Safety Report PowerPoint, Click HERE.
  • Aaron Miller with Northwest Safety & Risk Management presented on confined space, and covered what confined space is, what you need to know, how to get trained, and shared some important forms and helpful pamphlets.
    • To view Aaron's PowerPoint on confined space, Click Here.
    • Click Here to view the Final Rule.
    • Click Here to view 1926 Subpart AA.
    • To view the OSHA Fact Sheet, "Confined Spaces in Construction:  Crawl Spaces and Attics," Click Here.
    • If you would like to view the OSHA Quick Card, "Permit-Required Confined Spaces in General Industry," you may do so HERE.

We hope you find this information useful, and will join us for our next Safety Committee meeting.  


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