First Transportation Projects Using New Revenue Already Wrapping Up

ITD Press Release:  October 6, 2015

BOISE - Less than six months after allocating funds from the first transportation-revenue increase in nearly two decades, the Idaho Transportation Department is completing the first projects funded with the increase.

A pair of safety-enhancement projects constructing turnbays in north-central Idaho, and a project in south-central Idaho that extended the roadway's lifespan, giving drivers a smoother surface and better ride, were the first to be substantially completed.

"ITD was ready to implement these new projects as soon as the money was available because our staff plans five years ahead. This forward thinking allowed us to quickly reinvest the revenue increase creating jobs, enhancing economic opportunity, and most importantly improving safety for our citizens," said ITD Director Brian Ness. "Now that we've advanced these projects, it allows us to move up other critically needed road and bridge projects in the planning process."

Click here for a map and listing of the new revenue projects around the state.

More than a half-dozen other projects around the state will be completed before the end of 2015, with work on the remaining projects scheduled to begin next spring and summer. In all, the $46.8 million in new revenue breaks out as follows:

Bridge restoration - $2.8 million
Bridge preservation - $13.8 million
Pavement restoration - $21.1 million
Pavement preservation - $9.1 million

Project selection was based on the criteria of project readiness, bridge restoration or preservation, and pavement rehabilitation or preservation.

Here are photos of projects now completed or finishing soon, in each region of the state: Northern Idaho (Photo 1 of Johnson Creek Bridge repair and Photo 2 of Johnson Creek Bridge repair), North-central Idaho (Photo of Lake Road turnbay and Photo of Green Creek Road turn lane), Southwestern Idaho (Photo of Idaho 19 pavement restoration in Caldwell), South-central Idaho (Photo of repair platform at Perrine Bridge, Photo of work basket on north side of Perrine and Photo of resurfacing from Rupert to B-2 Canal), Southeastern Idaho (Photo of Raft River to Register Rock pavement preservation) and Eastern Idaho (Photo of I-15 pavement preservation work at Great Western Canal Bridge).

Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed HB 312a into law April 21, 2015, authorizing the legislation principally fueled by ongoing gas tax and registration increases. The Idaho Transportation Board voted May 21 to advance critical projects to repair and maintain state highways and bridges using the funds allocated by the Idaho Legislature.


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