Alliant Build America Awards Application Site Now Open!

Alliant Build America Awards Application Site Now Open! 

AGC of America is proud to announce the launch of the 2017 Alliant Build America Awards! AGC members who meet the competition requirements are encouraged to apply online for some much-deserved recognition.

AGC members are true pioneers who never stop striving for the best, leading in all aspects of the construction industry. Their projects – your projects – constantly set new standards in innovation, technological advancement, environmental consideration, safety excellence, and collaboration. The Alliant Build America Awards, including the Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence category, recognize these impressive construction projects spanning the building, highway and transportation, utility infrastructure, and federal and heavy divisions, and seek to honor the people without whom each project would remain just an idea.

2016 Grand Winner, Barnard Construction Company, Inc.
Here at AGC, we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our award winners like Barnard Construction Company, Inc., an AGC member who won in the Federal and Heavy Renovation category and a merit winner in the Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence category last year and took home the Build America Grand Award for the Blue Lake Expansion project in Sitka, Alaska. Barnard added 83 feet onto the 145-ft-tall, 1950s-era concrete arch dam that had been built into a narrow slot canyon on Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska.

We want to celebrate your achievements, too! Compared to the obstacles you've surmounted and the hard-won feats you've achieved, applying is easy.


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