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MSHA Seasonal Safety Initiative Outreach

As we move out of summer weather and into fall, it is important to keep safety in mind.  Take a moment to read this "Seasonal Safety Alert" from the Mine Safety and Health Administration reporting on 2015 fatal injuries on the worksite around the country. 

You can also read about several specific incidents below to increase your safety awareness this fall:

Toolbox Talk "Stairways" - October 29, 2015


1. Review any accidents or “near accidents” from the past week.

2. Describe the hazards of the work as they relate to our project. Explain or show the SAFE way of doing the job.

Annual Safety Fest of the Great Northwest: January 26-29th in Boise, ID

The leading Safety and Health Training Event for the education of the Northwest’s frontline workers, supervisors and managers of all levels.

• Learn methods to reduce hazards that can cause workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

• Covers construction, general industry, and mine safety and health.

Toolbox Talks "Site Conditions" - October 22, 2015

Site Conditions

No two excavation sites are alike. Each job must be treated individually because conditions vary from job to job, and hazards may vary from job to job.

Follow these procedures to help ensure a safe site:

* Conduct a soil test to determine appropriate sloping, benching, and shoring.

* Remove surface encumbrances such as equipment, materials, supplies, trees, brush, boulders    and other objects at the surface that could present a hazard to employees working in the excavation.

Highlights From Our Last Safety Committee Meeting

The recent re-launch of the Idaho AGC Safety Committee is off to a fantastic start.  The most recent meeting (October 21st) was packed with so much great information, we had to share. 

Presentation on Confined Spaces Rule THIS WEDNESDAY (October 21)

Join our new Safety Committee this Wednesday, October 21st (in the Idaho AGC Education Center) at 3:00pm for a presentation by Northwest Safety about the new Confined Spaces rule.   



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