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The Boise Rescue Mission City Light Home for Women and Children Needs Your Help

The Boise Rescue Mission City Light Home for Women and Children at the corner of 14th street and Jefferson in Boise, has two projects that need they would like your help with:

City of Boise Code Update: Special Design Standards for Type V Construction

As part of the process of updating the Boise City Code regarding the Special Design Standards for Type V Construction, the proposed updates are being distributed to collect comments on and inform stakeholders about the proposed amendments in advance of the public hearing scheduled for June 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Boise City Council Chambers.

ITD Negotiated Rulemaking - Overlegal Loads / Safety Requirements

the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has issued Notice that it will promulgate rules and has opened a public comment period related to overlegal loads and/or safety requirements.  Specifically, the rulemaking is being undertaken “for [ITD] to receive public feedback and comments regarding potential improvements to the permitting process and/or safety requirements for vehicles and/or loads that are required to operate under an overlegal permit.  There will be a focus on potential improvements to the permitting process, safety requirements, regional harmonization and

Top Recruitment Tip: Finding the Right Candidate

When it comes to recruiting, we sometimes find anyone worth having is normally working for someone else. The ideal candidate may very well be a “passive job seeker.” These are employees that might be unhappy or wanting something more but not highly aggressive in their search. So how do we catch their eye? Try these tips to reach your ideal candidate:

ITD Offers Free US DOL Davis-Bacon Training--June 2

This training will be offered for FREE.  You may view more detailed information, and register by CLICKING HERE.

FREE Webinar: Construction Tech--Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

May 19, 2016 - 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST

Technology transforms business and three technologies in particular have changed Construction forever - Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics. This industry is often thought of as a technology laggard but the reality is top construction firms are applying these technology innovations in ways that lead other industries by years! 


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