Photo Gallery

2018 Eastern Idaho Golf Tournament

Enterprise Fleet's Landon Putnam, Dallas Larsen, Kevin Leckington, and Brad Peterson
DePatco's Craig Adams, Jody Bulter, Mike Cooper, Chris Cook, Bryan Sargent, Jake Jolley, Nathanial Clinger, and Dillon Stucki
CM Company's Brian Hetmer, Greg Brown, Garrett Goldade, and Darryl Spencer
Blue Cross of Idaho's Elsje Johnson and Kathy McGuire with The Hartwell Corporation's JEff Perry an Mutual Insurance's Tim Marks
Bingham Electric's Jake, Jason, Josh, and Rory Olson
Big-D Construction's Ryan Judd and Tyler Ames
Bateman-Hall's Jay Jones, Aaron Johnson, Richard Stevensen, and Randy Stanger
ATS Inland NW's Justin Hieb, Scott Carter, Bill Rainy, and Mike Smith
Arnold Machinery's Dave Boston, Logan Ormond, Josh Wilde, and Ritchie Bros' Abe Roessler
Acoustic Specialties' Pat Gates, Joe Lazdauskas, Tim Smoley, and WIllie Hewitt

2018 Contractors & Clays

That view though
Top of the Hill
AGC Parking Lot Take-Over
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