Photo Gallery

2018 Summer Outing Golf Tournament

Alex Freter, Sean Miller, Dennis Groom, Bill Miller

2018 Legacy Golf Tournament

1st Place--Nampa Paving & Asphalt
3rd Place--Pacific Office Automation
Anita Keil Women's Longest Drive
Dan Young Men's Closest to the Pin
Dennis Groom Men's Longest Drive
David Krueck Men's Closest to the Pin, Jan Welch Women's Closest to the Pin and Women's Longest Drive
Harris CPAs Driver Winner
HUB--Active Hole Sponsor
Syman--Active Hole Sponsor
401K Source--Active Hole Sponsor
Wilson Antoniuk, Jason Weber, Jan Welch, Chris Cooper
Tyson Bird, Tyler Dahle, Tod Points, and Chad Points
Torry McAlvain Jr., Wayne Meuleman, Jason Aird, and Don Gray
Tracy Hopkins, Greg Lotridge, Ryan Hall, and Keith Lewis
Tobin Bartholomew, Mark Saylor, Kevin Smith, and Robert Thornfeldt
Terry Moore, Tim Compton, Isaac Myers, and Rory Needs
Smoky Doramus, Nick Veldhouse, John Nelson, and Johnathan Parker
Sixto Miranda, Wade Roberson, Terry Geis, Noel Bailey
Sean Sperry, Brandon Pankau, Randy Hurles, and Devin Johnson

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