Photo Gallery

2018 Gala & Awards

Bob Von Lintig--Education Foundation Chairmanship Award
Associate of the Year Award--DeRay Perry

2018 Summer Outing Golf Tournament

1st Place--Saucerman Construction--Kim, Jacob, and Paul Saucerman
2nd Place--Western States Equipment Rental Store--Craig Baker, Jay Hainline, Russ Bradley, Frank Stoppello
3rd Place--Darrell and Corey Dietz, Gabe Bartoo, and Jack Snyder
Steve Giles, Kathy McGuire, Josh Giudice, Dan Jones
Sean Schupack, Richard Ekman, Mike Reynoldson
Robert and Tammie Shappee, Margaret and Tracy Hopkins
Rick, Kate, and Natalie Stacey
Kristi Barnett, Tim Bently, Tina Taylor, Colby Cameron
Jeff Miller, Jason Kraft, Alan Riddle, Rhonda Miller, Brad Graham, Aaron Miller
Jacob, Kim, and Paul Saucerman
Grant Green, Wayne Hammon, Josh Tyree, Jake DeBerg
Garrett Foster, Danny Zimmerman, Shawn and Camden Parker
David Moe, Joe Meuleman, Zach Higgins, Trevor Wright
Craig Baker, Jay Hainline, Russ Bradley, Frank Stoppello
Corey Dietz, Jack Snyder, Darrell Dietz, Gabe Bartoo
Chuck Graves, Jennifer Grenrood, Scott Cantor
Brian Wardle, Vicky Elkin, Matt Blanford, Joe Lechner

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