Photo Gallery

2019 Summer Outing Golf Tournament

Paul Zurlo, Brie Barker, Destiny Calderwood, and Mike Reynoldson
Ready To Golf!
Rick Stacey, Joe Wager, Craig Adams, and Michael Short
Roger Drake, Gary Gorski, Grant Green, and Bill Hofer
Sid Ward, Jake Claridge, Jake DeBerg, and Joey McPeek
Tracy & Margaret Hopkins, Tammie & Robert Shappee

2019 Eastern Idaho Golf Tournament

Ty Travis, Zach Higgins, Patrick Casabonne, and Eric Wall
Scott Cantor, Jennifer Grenrood, Darrell Dietz, and Tracy Scott
Sam Kraayenbrink, David Palmer, AJ O'Neil, and Brad Sayer
Roxane Mitro, Rick Lawrence, Staci Matheson, and Aaron Johnson
Richard Clover, Landon Putnam, Craig Yadon, and Doug Johnson
Randy Virgil, Toye Virgil, Mija Birch, and Todd Robinson
Randy Anderson, Krista Garcia, Greg Sagers, and April Sibbett
Raffles & Awards Table
Nathaniel Clinger, Bryan Sargent, Cory Dietz, and Chad Huntsman
Morgan Colonel, Steve Gordon, Joe Lazdauskas, and Rob Hiett
Mike Dastic, Cody Eck, Irish Worthy, and Abe Roessler
Michael Smart, Brian Woolsey, Brian Hansen, and Rustan Burton
Kory and Angel Chapple, Tony Rieth, and Rick Staten
Justin Niehardt, Aaron Stratton, and Scott Harris

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