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Top Recruitment Tip: Delivering Effective Performance Reviews

Employee performance occurs every single day therefore it’s important for HR professionals to make sure tracking is also constant. Employees don’t want to wait until the next performance review to find out if they are adequately doing their job! Without feedback and reassurance, you are neglecting to provide employees with the tools necessary to achieve their job responsibilities.

NAWIC Needs Your Support!

In celebraton of WIC Week 2017, the Boise Chapter of National Association of Women in Construction is supporting the Women’s & Children’s Alliance by sponsoring a donation drive.

Idaho AGC Takes Part in Boise School District's Rigs & Gigs Event

On January 25-26, Idaho AGC's Education & Training Director Kristy Watson took part in the Boise School Districts Rigs & Gigs event.  The Boise School District's Construction students teamed up to show 6th graders what they do in Construction Class and let them use tools while Watson was on hand to answer their questions about careers in construction.  

President Trump's Executive Actions, and What They Mean for Construction

During his first week, President Trump began moving quickly to implement his agenda via executive order, presidential memoranda and other directives. AGC has published a comprehensive document, President Trump’s Executive Actions, analyzing important executive directives – such as the border wall, Obamacare, and Buy America requirements – and how they may impact AGC-member businesses. It is important to note that the details of implementation of many of these actions remain to be seen, as federal agencies will have to write them.

AGC Fights Against Government Mandated Project Labor Agreements

AGC recently urged President Trump's administration to repeal President Obama's executive order that encourages federal agencies to require project labor agreements (PLAs) on federal construction projects exceeding $25 million, and replace it with a policy that prevents agencies from forcing contractors to enter into a labor agreement as a condition for winning a federal construction contract.  Last year, A


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